Growth Masterclass

We Make Our Clients Feel

  • Confident in knowing qualified experts are in charge of growing their online revenue
  • Eager to get weekly results and growth roadmap updates
  • Encouraged to take risks and try new tactics that will provide data to inform future decisions
  • Grateful to have an outside, neutral perspective - no bagage, no ownership, just pure data
  • Pleased to find positive or negative findings because both lead to growth
  • Relieved to know their tracking is configured properly to retrieve accurate data
  • Motivated to drive more users to the site to help gather better data
  • Aaron Fox
    Primal Blueprint

  • Heather Alvis
    Scandia Consulting

  • Ronan Leonard
    Blackjack Nights

It's been a pleasure working with Happyweb for nearly 2 years now, as they've helped us optimize conversion pathways for our e-comerce site.

They have a deep understanding of how people interact with websites. They are able to translate quantitative and qualitative insights into hypotheses, make specific recommendations based on these hypotheses, and have the technical know-how to properly A/B test their hypotheses.

If you need assistance improving your site, to convert more visitors into paying customers, try out Happyweb.

I've been working for several months with Happyweb on A/B testing for some of our clients at my web development agency, and they have always gone above and beyond to make sure our designs for tests are mobile friendly and seamless experiences for users.

They've done a great job of recommending new tests that lead toward more conversions, and I've appreciated each suggestion because they do the heavy lifting. I almost feel there isn't anything they can't do when it comes to trying new things on my sites. Highly recommend this service, and I've been extremely happy with customer service and the individual attention they give our company.

The team at Happyweb Consulting has a great understanding of conversion optimisation and is willing to go the extra mile with their clients. I would highly recommend them (and I seldom say that).

Growth Framework

A | Testing Environment Setup

  1. Define conversion baseline & KPIs
  2. Track conversions online & offline
  3. Setup segmented funnel monitoring
  4. Configure tools (testing, analytics, user research)
  5. Monitor industry, competitors, customers, personas

B | Initial Conversion Audit

  1. Map out underperforming areas
  2. Identify key segments for rapid growth
  3. Narrow in on major sales objections
  4. Rate the conversion experience from start to finish
  5. List & prioritize potential growth strategies

C | Monthly Research Program

  1. Review segmented performance
  2. Run topic-specific research actions
  3. Update the roadmap based on insights

D | Knowledge Base

  1. Keep track of insights gathered
  2. Archive A/B tests with contextual data

E | Ideation

  1. Sort out identified problems based on expected KPI impact
  2. Brainstorm potential solutions and tactics to reach target goals

F | Roadmap

  1. Run ideas by 12-step prioritization checklist
  2. Plan next A/B tests & prepare test specs
  3. Assess missing data & find a way to get it

G | A/B test preparation

  1. Turn testing hypothesis into action points that need to be implemented
  2. Create assets needed then build this A/B test
  3. Run pre-launch checklist

H | A/B test monitoring

  1. Run post-launch checklist
  2. Monitor results daily & track / explain irregularities
  3. Decide when to stop the test based on objective criterias

I | A/B test conclusion

  1. Analyse results per segment & per KPI
  2. Update knowledge base, ideation & roadmap based on insights gathered
  3. If success: implement

J | Reporting

  1. Track progress and overall impact on KPIs
  2. Make ROI projections based on available data

K | Implementation

  1. Create assets needed to convert visitors
  2. Implement successful A/B tests without delay

Our Team

  • Profitable growth
  • eCommerce optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion-oriented design
  • UX design
  • Personas
  • Psychology
  • A/B testing
  • User research
  • Surveys
  • Analytics & data-crunching
  • Productivity
  • Automation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Return on investment

Paul Smit

Growth consultant

Paul is a top-notch growth analyst; he takes our clients' data and turn it into actionable growth tactics. His research and experience with businesses big and small often lead to creative solutions that a massive impact on our clients' bottom lines.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Loves kitesurfing

Gerard Richardson

Growth consultant

Gerard is above all a great communicator with 10+ years of experience managing change for large companies. He now spends all his energy turning our clients' sites into highly profitable assets. His systematic approach to growth yields impressive results.

  • London, UK
  • Loves music & plays the guitar

Thomas Porhel

COO & growth consultant

Thomas has been advising businesses all around the world on growth for many years. He also handles training & coaching for clients & staff. He has a Master's Degree in Marketing and manages our agency's sales & marketing endeavours.

  • Montpellier, France
  • Loves reading & writing fantasy/sf

Nikos Stratakis

Web designer

Nikos is a savvy designer with a strong experience (15 years). He takes the guesswork out of the conversion equation and creates brands & designs - often favoring a modern and minimalist approach - that have tremendous impact on our clients' ROI.

  • Athens, Greece & London, UK
  • Loves snowboarding & table tennis

Vasyl Khoma

Front-end developer

Vasyl codes A/B tests, implements redesigns for our clients and creates the online assets our team needs. He is very detail-oriented & reactive, and it's always a breeze for our growth consultants to monitor the tests he built.

  • Ivano-Frankvska Oblast, Ukraine
  • Loves drawing & 3D modeling

Julie Chouvion

CEO & founder

Julie manages our agency and makes sure our growth consultants & support team have everything they need to focus all their attention on growing our clients' businesses. She has a Master's Degree in Finance and handles our internal financial activity.

  • Montpellier, France
  • Loves learning languages

Our Standards

  • We only work with clients we like
  • We don't hold back; each and every client gets our total attention
  • We are innovative and proactive, we don't settle for "good enough"
  • We add the WOW factor to every project
  • We charge premium rates

We deliver premium results

How We Can Help


on autopilot

Increase your bottom line on a monthly basis without lifting a finger

How it works

  • Recurring service implementing a roadmap for growth based on research
  • Initial audit followed by 3-month engagement, then month by month
  • Monthly ROI report & KPI monitoring

Best suited for businesses looking to increase their eCommerce or B2B performance over time


on demand

Hand over your business problems and get the answers & solutions you need

How it works

  • Growth audit & roadmap
  • Outsourced growth management
  • 1on1 coaching on growth management
  • Group training: growth culture, process automation, growth management

Best suited for businesses looking for partners to solve specific problems and to unlock their growth potential

If you are serious about growth

Plan a private chat with a growth consultant: